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Ready. Action.

8K RAW video45.7 megapixels up to 120 FPS Compact body Flagship performance

This is everything you want in a full-frame hybrid camera. Image quality, precision, flexibility—and a compact, lightweight body. Video to stills. Commissions to passion projects. Don’t just create. Thrive.


Compact body. Flagship performance.

The Z 8 brings the feature set of the Z 9 to a body that is 30% smaller than the Z 9 and 15% smaller than the D850. The 45 MP stacked CMOS sensor and impressive dynamic range. The phenomenal deep-learning AF system, and a subject- and eye-detection hit rate you can rely on. The blackout-free Real-Live Viewfinder and 4-axis tilting monitor. Video, stills, or both. You have the freedom to innovate while the Z 8 reliably nails every frame.


Astounding agility for video and stills

New ideas, tight budgets, fast turnarounds. Small setup or a full rig. However and wherever you create, the Z 8’s flexibility will keep your projects flowing. Record stunning 8K or 4K video straight out of the camera at an array of frame rates, including slow motion. Capture exquisite 45.7 MP stills even if shooting by starlight. There are separate display interfaces for video and stills, and menus rotate if shooting vertically.


Blazing fast 120 fps for stills

Never miss the decisive moment. You can shoot 11 MP stills at an insanely fast 120 fps, or 45.7 MP stills at an action-freezing 60 fps or 30 fps. All with full AF and AE performance and no viewfinder blackout.


More control over portraits

Save time in post by making adjustments as you shoot. Portrait Impression Balance lets you fine-tune hue and brightness. Skin Softening softens the look of skin while keeping eyes and hair sharp.


Pre-release capture

Photographing events? The Z 8 gives your reaction time a boost by recording for up to a second before you take a shot.1 Fleeting gestures, unpredictable subjects: you’ll nail the moments you might have missed.


Embrace backlight. Love the dark.

Night scenes and backlit portraits? You can trust the Z 8’s intelligent AF system. Faces are in focus even if the scene is strongly backlit. Subject detection and AF work down to ˗9 EV in Starlight mode.


Hi-res 2x zoom for 4K video

Zoom with prime lenses while filming! The Z 8 can emulate a 2x optical zoom, in camera and in real time. There’s no image degradation, and you can program three different zoom speeds.


A system to match your vision

The full-frame Z 8 is a creative powerhouse, and its flexibility doesn’t end with the camera. There’s a NIKKOR Z lens for every idea and budget, while the FTZ mount adapter lets you use DSLR lenses too. Dedicated accessories expand what you can do.

Technical Specification


Digital camera with support for interchangeable lenses

Lens Mount

Nikon Z mount

Image Sensor

FX, CMOS, 35.9 mm x 23.9 mm

Total pixels

52.37 million

Dust-reduction system

Image sensor cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data (requires NX Studio)

Effective pixels

45.7 million

Image size (pixels)

[FX (36 x 24)] selected for image area:

(L) 8256 x 5504 ( 45.4 million)

(M) 6192 x 4128 ( 25.6 million)

(S) 4128 x 2752 ( 11.4 million)

[DX (24 x 16)] selected for image area:

(L) 5392 x 3592 ( 19.4 million)

(M) 4032 x 2688 ( 10.8 million)

(S) 2688 x 1792 ( 4.8 million)

[1:1 (24 x 24)] selected for image area:

(L) 5504 x 5504 ( 30.3 million)

(M) 4128 x 4128 ( 17.0 million)

(S) 2752 x 2752 ( 7.6 million)

[16:9 (36 x 20)] selected for image area:

(L) 8256 x 4640 ( 38.3 million)

(M) 6192 x 3480 ( 21.5 million)

(S) 4128 x 2320 ( 9.6 million)

File formats

NEF (RAW): 14 bit; choose from lossless compression, high efficiency (high), and high efficiency options

JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. 1 : 4), normal (approx. 1 : 8), or basic (approx. 1 : 16) compression; size-priority and optimal-quality compression available

HEIF: Supports fine (approx. 1 : 4), normal (approx. 1 : 8), or basic (approx. 1 : 16) compression; size-priority and optimal-quality compression available

NEF (RAW)+JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats

NEF (RAW)+HEIF: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and HEIF formats

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Optional Accessories
Additional information

1 Available in C30 and C120 modes.

2 The camera is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations and under all conditions.

3 Requires optional UC-E25 cable, sold separately.