Getting the most from your new Nikon Z6III

Nikon Team Hot Shots 17 Jun 20244 min read

Expand your creativity with these things to try with Nikon’s newest full-frame camera

Zoom with a prime!

Just because you’re filming with a prime lens doesn’t mean you can’t zoom! With 6K recording you can zoom in during filming with no loss of quality. You can zoom up to 1.4x for 4K footage or 2x for Full HD and there are 11 different zoom speeds to choose from.

Take an action portrait

The partially stacked sensor of the Nikon Z6III, combined with the Expeed 7 processor, means a lightning-fast camera that can capture the moment. Try an action portrait with a moving model – a sportsperson or a dancer, perhaps – to check out the possibilities. You can take 120fps (10MP in DX mode) or 60fps (24MP in FX) with full dynamic range and no rolling shutter distortion.

Nikon Team
What’s in our kitbag?
Nikon Z6III + NIKKOR AF-S Fisheye 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED, 14mm, 1/1600 sec, f/4.5, ISO 200, ©Little Shao
Have it your way

Customisation inherited from the Nikon Z8 and Z9 means you can set up your Nikon Z6III your way, with functions assigned to where you find them most natural. You can assign different AF-area modes to function buttons, enabling you to change AF mode quickly. You can also use Touch Fn to move the focus point around with a thumb on the monitor while you look through the EVF. Take some time to see what functions you are using often and then decide on the most appropriate placing for them on your camera.


Film on the fly

The ability to record 6K/60p RAW in-camera and the vari-angle screen get rid of external devices such as hard drives and monitors, and the light weight, small size and incredible Vibration Reduction capabilities of the Nikon Z6III make it the perfect solo filmmaker’s camera. Its size also makes it discreet. Take it out to film some street scenes at night and you’ll also experience its awesome low-light performance, with autofocus down to -10 EV.

Give portraits an extra dimension

Why spend extra time editing at the laptop when you could be spending more time taking pictures? The inclusion of Portrait Impression Balance, Rich Tone Portrait and Skin Softening on the Nikon Z6III means just that. Try a portrait session testing out all three to see the effects. Skin Softening comes in three levels – low, medium and high – and softens skin while leaving eyes and hair pin sharp. Portrait Impression Balance lets you fine tune hue and brightness for precise control on set, while Rich Tone Portrait adds a depth to skin details while suppressing white clipping.


Read more: What is Rich Tone Portrait like? Wedding photographer Frøydis Geithus tests the new Nikon Z8 firmware v.2.0 update

Get into the wild

The Nikon Z6III is the perfect partner for recording wildlife. Its light weight and small size enable you to be agile when fast-moving animals and birds are your subject. Try using Pre-Release Capture (at up to 120fps) to freeze the exact moment a bird takes off, or record in Full HD/240p to see it fly at up to 10x slow motion. You’ll also discover the power of the Nikon Z6III’s EVF, which refreshes at 60fps in 20pfs high-speed continuous shooting mode, suppressing frame skipping and letting you follow the precise movements of an animal.

Go huge with pixel shift

The addition of pixel shift to the Nikon Z6III lets you merge multiple RAW files into one huge 96MP image, with incredible detail, colour and low noise. Try it on a landscape outing with a tripod and create a composition with layers of interest. The images are easily merged in Nikon’s free NX Studio editing software – you’ll be amazed at the results.

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